NO drops, NO drugs, just more of your own tears.







The iTear100 Device

  • Small enough to fit in your hand
  • USB-powered rechargeable battery
  • Gentle oscillating tip
  • Unique design results in a gentle, yet powerful, stimulation


The Technology

iTear100 is a patented technology that uses focused oscillatory energy designed to activate only the external nasal nerve from the outside of your nose. The energy level, frequency, and tip design were optimized through extensive clinical trials to maximize stimulation of the external nasal nerve, safely and comfortably. By doing this, iTear100 creates just the right amount of vibration to activate natural tear production. This unique design minimizes the effect on any area other than the external nasal nerve on your nose.

iTear100 is the only FDA-cleared, at-home medical device to help you make more of your own tears in just 30 seconds.


The Advantages

  • Drug-free, drop-free
  • Simple, at-home use
  • Works immediately and in between treatments
  • Portable and battery powered
  • Reusable – no parts need to be replaced
  • Externally applied
  • Doctor prescribed



When to use iTear100




Tears keep our eyes healthy and comfortable. If our eyes don't make enough tears or don't make the right kind of tears (tear film), we have eyes that are dry. That can happen from being on screens all-day, or living in a dry environment, or not blinking enough.


Common symptoms:

  • Eyes feel dry, gritty, itchy, tired and look red
  • Occasional blurred vision

Patient Testimonials


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Setup instructions and troubleshooting guide



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See for yourself


6:00 am

Dry eye. Pale mucosa, debris, dry meibum.

6:10 am

Immediately after a single use of iTear100. Flowing meibum.

7:00 am

40 minutes after iTear100. Redness dissipating..

Immediately after the use of iTear100, the patient had flowing meibum with healthy mucosa and no debris.



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