Q: Can I carry iTEAR® with me?


A: Yes. it has been designed for easy portability. The charge can last for up to a month and it easily fits in a pocket or purse. In particular, for sports, long meetings, airplanes, or just at your desk while you are working.

Q: How is this different from other vibration devices?


A: There are hundreds of devices on the market which vibrate. Almost none are backed by an actual clinical trial and have an FDA indication with well-defined mechanical specifications. The iTEAR®100 device has a very specific frequency, a specifically defined motion, amplitude, force, and tip design, all optimized through clinical work and several product iterations. And, importantly an “Rx” and specific label has been reviewed by the FDA. The frequency is much higher than any vibration device, as is the force on the tip. Oscillation of the iTEAR®100 tip is in a single direction, with a small surface area. So, it can safely be applied to activate the external nasal nerve. In contrast, almost every vibration device on the market has a 3-dimensional motion with a large surface area and lower frequency, creating large force on a broad area of skin which is largely ineffective to activate the external nasal nerve and can injure your nose.

Q: What makes iTEAR®100 unique from the other eye products?


A: iTEAR®100 is a neurostimulation device which works though a nerve that can be stimulated on the outside of your nose with highly specific mechanical vibrations. iTEAR®100 has been cleared by the FDA and has a specific, highly regulated function. Look for an “Rx” label on other products to insure similar well defined specifications. iTEAR®100 does not run out during its 30 day prescription so you do not have to conserve therapy or worry about wasted practice drops or sprays. The manually controlled therapy also allows for quick on/off and customized placement to maximize nerve stimulation for each patient. You are in control.

Q: How do I get an iTEAR® device?


A: You can get iTEAR®100 from your doctor or directly from the company website. It’s a prescription device regulated by the FDA and will need prescription from a doctor. If your doctor does not prescribe iTEAR®100, you can request am telehealth appointment and the company will assign a doctor to you.

Q: How long does this last?


A: The iTEAR®100 device prescription lasts 30 days at which time it turns off and you will need a new prescription from your doctor for further treatment. After 30 days, the device will be inactive. Please ask your doctor to provide you with a new prescription. Once you have a new prescription, the device will be activated to work for another 30 days.

Q: Is there a daily limit to treatment?


A: The iTEAR®100 device has unlimited ON time during the 30 day prescription. Talk to your Doctor about the amount of usage time that is right for you.

Q: My device seems to not work anymore.


A: If your device stopped working, it could be because your prescription has expired, and the device has been deactivated. Talk to your doctor about getting another refill prescription for iTEAR®100. Or you can request a telehealth appointment and the company will assign a doctor to you.

Q: My eyes are not tearing up the same as the first time.


A: In most people, when they start iTEAR®100 use, it brings on reflexive watery eyes which mask the basal tears of the user. After a short period, your body adapts to the stimulation, and instead of more liquid, your tear film will become thicker. This is because now there are more basal tears that are of higher quality. Observe yourself in the mirror during treatment to understand the effect of your body’s adaptation. This change in tears is normal. The device will continue to generate tears needed to soothe your dry eyes.

Q: Is there insurance coverage?


A: At this time, insurance is generally not available for iTEAR®100. You can use an HSA or FSA plan however. Talk to your doctor about the device cost. It was specifically designed to provide high value treatment without requiring insurance coverage to enable broad access for patients.

Q: Can I use this with other treatments?


A: Yes, you can use this with any other drugs or therapies because it is not a drug, and it will not interact with anything else your doctor has prescribed.

Q: How often should I use this?


A: It is recommended that you use this device 2 times per day to start – morning and night on a continuous basis through the month. It’s up to 30 seconds on each side for each eye. Download our clinical publication and patient instructions for additional information.

Q: How is this different than other treatments?


A: iTEAR®100 is the ONLY FDA-approved USE AT HOME medical device to stimulate natural tear formation. Unlike non-prescription (no Rx) treatments – iTEAR®100 has met all FDA requirements. All iTEAR®100 clinical trials and marketing claims on safety and efficacy have been reviewed and cleared by the FDA. Check package inserts carefully for an “Rx” before using other products.

Q: I am too sensitive to the initial treatment and cannot use this device.


A: Consider signing up for our usability clinical trial in which we are evaluating lower intensities to further be able to offer an optimized treatment for each patient. Contact us to participate in the trial.

Q: What are the side effects?


A: About 2-3% of patients reported dizziness or lightheadedness in clinical studies.






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